Friday, 10 February 2012


It isn't easy to kill someone, especially someone you know. Over the past couple of weeks, my thoughts have increasingly been drawn to the last moments of a character who I'm really rather fond of, and the fateful chapter I know I have to write.

Strictly speaking, it's not "due" yet – chronologically, there are other bits to finish first, but the scene is growing ever clearer in my mind, and I think I'll have to address it soon. I wonder if doing so will change how I feel about the character – going back and writing other parts of their story, knowing that they're already dead?

These major scenes can certainly be emotionally draining to do – perhaps that's the reason for my reluctance to tackle it. Then again, with my habit of writing on-location, I must admit that a storm-swept clifftop will be more appealing once the weather gets a little warmer.