Sunday 23 December 2018


I’m conscious it’s taken longer than I thought it would, but my next novel is finally complete and will be published in February.
Ashes Of America is a historical crime thriller set against the backdrops of wartime Switzerland and 1950s Missouri. It’s been quite a journey to get it done, but I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed writing this story more than anything I’ve done in a long time, and I’m really pleased with the finished result.
It’s always challenging when an author does something a little different and, at first glance, this book does seem to be a departure from the more contemporary Detective Harland series – I guess that’s part of the reason it’s taken so long to find the right route to publication – but I’m hopeful that everyone who read my previous books will find some familiar themes. I’ve always felt that crime writing works because it places our characters in extreme circumstances, showing them at their best and at their worst as the plot twists and turns. This story is no exception.
So thank you for your patience, and I really hope you enjoy this new book.