Saturday, 21 April 2012

And across the line...

So, I'm sitting on the train at Bristol Templemeads, waiting for it to leave. I've opened my laptop out of habit, but this will be the first train journey in almost a year where I've not been writing Book Two.

It’s a strange feeling, coming to the end of such a long endeavour (and yes, I know that there are months of editing ahead, but this is the only definite point you can celebrate in the process, and I intend to enjoy it). I came up to Bristol yesterday and checked into a hotel with the intention of staying until I’d wrapped the first draft. I finished at lunchtime today.

Part of the reason to come up here is because this is where so much of the book is set. Indeed, we’re moving now, and I can see the large grey building where Bristol CID are based – an important location for the story – out of the window. But I also needed to isolate myself from all the distractions of home, and sadly that means that I’m away from my family at a time when I really want to hug people with excitement. Somehow, I don’t think the rather serious-looking woman sitting opposite would appreciate that.

Oddly enough, as I’m writing this, my iPhone has just started playing The Moment I Said It by Imogen Heap – eerily appropriate, as the song has been a sort of mood-board for getting into the head of my principal female character, and my working title for this book came from within the lyrics.

I’m getting such a kick looking out of the windows – we’ve just left Bath and I’d forgotten how beautiful this journey can be. And there are more significant locations coming up shortly, when we pass through Avoncliff and Salisbury – like so much of the book, it seems this blog post is being written “on-location” ;-)

Time to close the laptop, I think.


  1. hi, i came across this site because i was on a nostalgia trip and was desperately trying to find out the name of an adventure game i used to love many years ago. i finally found it, and the page had a link to your bio, so i've come through here! the game? "the big sleaze" on the amstrad. loved it - might have to dust off the amstrad to give it another go - not sure i was ever clever enough to finish it. gave me plenty of laughs though. just thought you might like to know even your old stuff still gets remembered :) good luck with the book

    1. Thanks Dave. The Big Sleaze was an enjoyable title to work on. And with The Maltese Falcon, Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid, and all those Raymond Chandler books, the research was a lot of fun too :-)

  2. Fergus - I loved your adventure games, such as those already mentioned there. I just finally made it to Battery park, NY and it's no longer as rough as you made it sound in the big sleaze.
    I really liked how your games had a response for almost anything typed, I tried to emulate that in a game once, but didn't have a compiler. With several hundred gosub routines in BASIC it was ugly.