Wednesday, 26 June 2013


It's been an exciting couple of days. On Saturday, I was lucky enough to be on stage at the Winchester Readers' Conference, organised by Newbooks magazine. It was brilliant fun, though I was more than a little nervous about speaking after Ben Aaronovitch (who was very, very funny). As it was, a lovely audience and some fine moderation by host Guy Pringle meant that everything ran smoothly.

Then, last night, I was at Waterlooville Library for a panel event with Pauline Rowson and Dominic Ranger. Moderated by Carol Westron, this was part of the CWA's Crime Month, but also to help mark the library's 40th anniversary. Another great audience, and some lively discussion made for a brilliant evening.
Having the chance to meet and talk with readers is so important – it helps and encourages me in my writing – and makes all those solitary hours at the keyboard seem worthwhile.
It's been a lot of fun, but if I had to choose one highlight, it would have to be on Saturday, where Guy caught me cold with a brilliant question. After leading up with an explanation of how I go to each location and painstakingly investigate everything, he quizzed me about my research for certain back alley in Salisbury… the setting for a sex scene in Eye Contact!
After that, I like to think I'm ready for any questions people can throw at me.

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