Friday 22 May 2015

CrimeFest XV

So, CrimeFest was good. And by good, I mean very good. Phenomenal. In fact, I'd only change three things:

1. In these enlightened times, there's surely no place for 9am panels on Saturday mornings. It's not the Dark Ages, though it was truly humbling to see all those brave and beautiful people who'd risen early to attend, most of them considerably more awake than some of us on the panel. Suffice to say that I've never been much of a 9am Saturday morning person, and never less so than when that Saturday follows a Friday night in the CrimeFest bar.

2. Mention of the CrimeFest bar leads me neatly onto my second point. Why did nobody stop me? I'm older than I used to be, and should really drink accordingly. In future, don't hesitate, just stage an intervention.

3. Okay, serious point now… were there fewer readers attending this year? I know that Bristol has always been popular with reviewers / bloggers / authors but I could have sworn there used to be more honest-to-goodness-readers in the audience. Perhaps we simply need to spread the word – most of the UK crime-writing community is milling around in that one hotel, and we really need readers to talk to. I watched Lee Child do about 5 circuits of the bar, before he finally found someone to latch on to. No, honestly – I did, and I have witnesses.

CrimeFest is an amazing festival, lovingly organised, and packed with brilliant people. It was great to catch up with old friends, and make new ones, to exchange recommendations then buy the books and play hunt-the-author to get them signed. Who wouldn't want a few days of that? Exactly! I'll see you there next year!

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