Thursday 3 June 2010

Go West | day three

It didn’t take long to pack. We checked out of the hotel and I grabbed a coffee from the Costa downstairs. About 10 minutes later, I was sitting on the deserted beach, watching the waves glitter in the sun.

This was one of those moments that will endure – like watching the sun set over Grenada, or standing on top of an Alpine peak. Having an idyllic stretch of Cornish coastline to ourselves was just magical. The water was cold on our feet but the sun was warm and we spend a perfect morning mucking about and trying not to get too wet.

Eventually, after more genuine clotted-cream ice cream, we started our journey back, pausing briefly to take a look at the famous Jamaica Inn. Set miles inland, it’s an unlikely haunt for Cornish Wreckers, unless they were Cornish Wreckers with fast cars, but it was fun to visit nonetheless.

And now, I’m back. It’s sad when a road-trip ends, but it’s great to see Anna again. And with all the beach photos I took, I think we’ll be able to persuade her to join us when we head down there next.

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