Thursday, 3 June 2010

Go West | day two

We were in the car early and off to the local Police station to report the tide’s theft of my iPhone. Then, pausing only for drive-thru, we set our course for the west and drove until we ran out of country. The weather went from wet and foggy to clear and dry as we passed Penzance. Land’s End felt bleak as we got out of the car, but the landscape as we approached the clifftops was stunning. We wandered out across the surrounding moorland, then made our way back to find the west-most part of the coastline.

The rugged landscape was amazing, but then the sun came out and revealed a completely different but even more beautiful place. We sat in the sun, looking out across the Atlantic, watching the vast waves crash around the rocks below.

And then we had ice cream, which was ace.

In the afternoon, we drove back to St Austell and returned to Charleston beach. We played catch in the sun, and skimmed stones. Then, we got some chips and sat on the deserted – and I really mean deserted – sea shore and watched the waves. It was perfect.

We skimmed stones, then sat on the shingle, trying to create barriers of small stones against the incoming tide. Eventually, the waves defeated us and we returned to St Austell for chess and pizza.

It was a day of days – the only thing that could improve it would have been having Anna with us, but we will see her again tomorrow. For now, I am relaxing on the bed, looking forward to breakfast on the beach tomorrow morning. It’s turning out to be a classic Road Trip.

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