Sunday 4 January 2009

The drive of your life...

In a conversation today, I once again heard that someone had been turned off the whole God thing by a bad church experience. I hear that too often.

I completely understand how it can happen, and the analogy I'm about to make will sort of underline why, but sometimes it's good for people to remember the difference between God and the church. To illustrate...

Rather than 'God', let's pick another 3 letter name, such as 'BMW'. You might have a bad experience with the car salesman, but that doesn't change the fact that the BMW is a great car - it simply means you should find another showroom.

Of course, I appreciate that if a car dealer messes you around, you'll probably look for a different make of car, but I'd argue that people shouldn't make important decisions like choice of car (or choice of faith) based only on what one guy on the forecourt says - there are plenty of other BMW dealerships out there ;-)

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