Saturday 3 January 2009

Lord Of The Rings Online

I've spent WAY too much time on this game during the Christmas break. The problem is that my wife, my son, and my best friend all play the game too so it's a bit like being a recovering alcoholic in a free bar - temptation is never far away.
Today I reached level 50 - until recently this was the highest level in the game, though they've now added new content that goes up to 60 - and I was struck by the huge amount of time I've spent playing. Hour after hour, night after night, for months now, I've been logging on and playing this massively multiplayer game - all the time paying a subscription for the privilege. I've never spent so much time (or money!) on a game before.
Those who know me, know how much I love Tolkien's books, and naturally that was a draw at the beginning. Yet, months later, I'm still there, running around and doing quests... and why?
Perhaps it's all down to the fact that it's visually such a beautiful environment to play in. Look at the picture above - that's my character on the bridge by Sandyman's Mill in the Shire. It's a gorgeous place to spend an hour or so each day and, even though I might find myself having to go far away (it would take hours to walk all across the game-world map) there are always bits of glorious scenery to discover along the way.
I wonder how long the addiction (and my subscription) will last?

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