Thursday 8 January 2009


Someone kindly gave me some fabulous books on photographic history for Christmas. Leafing through one, I came across a long-term favourite image - Meudon by Andre Kertesz - and spent a few moments staring at it.

There's something that fascinates me about this image and it isn't just the composition or the technical issues. More than most, this photograph makes me think about looking through time.

Consider the photo. Here is a scene that no longer exists, a frozen moment from 1928, preserved for us to see today...

...but what if we look through the eyes of that man in the photo, carrying his parcel across that Paris street? Think about it. From his point of view, he sees the camera, but could he ever imagine that he'd be looking out at people in the future? At me, as I opened that book on Christmas day? At you as you read this blog now? There's a powerful connection that partly transcends time itself.

No wonder I love photography.

So the next time someone points a camera at you, take a moment to think about those unseen people in the future, looking back down the lens as the shutter clicks.

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