Thursday 1 January 2009


From what I've seen, many opening blog posts are somewhat awkward affairs - stuttering starts before the tone settles down. I don't expect mine to be any different, but as it's a little after noon on New Year's Day and I've only been conscious for a short while I do feel like I've got an excuse.

I've been thinking of running a blog for quite a while and thought that January 1st would be an appropriate time to start - it is, after all, sort of diary-esque. That's broadly how I think I'll use it - a record of random thoughts to inform and entertain my future self. And you, of course...

So, what are the hopes and dreams of 2009 going to be? Well, I work in the games industry which moves far too fast for prediction, but that aside I'm aiming to tick a few of the following:

Photography: I want to persevere with the stock photography but also want to start taking more pictures of people. Using family as models seems somehow inappropriate - perhaps I'll reach out via Facebook and see if any of my friends want to be a muse...

Writing: I think I will sign up for another term of Creative Writing evening classes. I met a number of inspiring people on the course and I value their feedback as well as enjoying their company. I've started writing a crime novel and I do want to push on with it, especially as I've now got a better ending in mind. Hopefully the act of mentioning it here will goad me into actually doing the work required.

Travel: In 2008 I was lucky enough to visit St Anton in Austria - I'd really like to do something equally mountainous this year. Of course, the chances aren't improved by a hysterical media determined to talk us deeper into recession, but you never know. I'm also ashamed to say that I didn't spend any time at all in Scotland last year - something I need to put right in 2009.

Birthday: This year there will be forty candles on the chocolate cake - a significant and alarmingly large number. I think it might be best to distract myself from this fire-hazard by doing something fun.

Well, that's enough aspirations for one day. My head is still a bit fuzzy and it's almost time to go and collect the pizzas. Here's hoping for a good year ahead.

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